We do what we really love. Definition of sport tells us that it is an activity performed for pleasure. Syrenka club signs up to this statement wholeheartedly. We promote rowing, recreation and sport ideals. We value competitiveness. We believe that sport gives tangible results – victory is victorious, and failure fails. The time you spend rowing and training brings you good health and satisfaction.

Our motto is: Rich is the man who can give a lot, not the one who owns much.
We do not own a lot, but we plan to organise one of a kind events for you.

Contact: biuro@twsyrenka.pl  tel. 0048 602640109, 0048 513856333.

Tourism and leisure

The club organises hamburka boat rallies in the area of Mazowsze.

If you would like us to explore new territories, please get in touch at:  biuro@twsyrenka.pl